New Game Textures! (currently inactive w/ edits)

So I think that most of us can agree that having in game items being, just vanilla items is a little bit dated on the hive, especially when you look at a game like block drop where most of the powerups have their own unique items and textures. Compared to some older games like deathrun and hide and seek where none of the items have their own textures, instead opting to just use vanilla items. BORING
So I took it upon myself to try and make some new textures for the items in some of these older games. Here they are!

pixil-frame-0 (7)
pixil-frame-0 (8)

So here's what each of them represent

Hide - Taunt and Taunt while on cooldown (also I did just use this :exclamation: since it works so well)
Deathrun - 3 stages of a trap being ready, almost ready and not ready.
MM - Zapper and Throwable
GW - A slingshot because I felt as though it made more sense than a bow for the projectiles being shot

Second Picture:
Deathrun - leap feather, previous and next trap.

Third Picture:
MM - Player Tracker murderer gets in last minute

Feel free to provide feedback as I have plans to add more to this in the future as well as giving me ideas for other items to texture.

(also I am aware the Ground Wars one is pretty garbage ATM, I really rushed it for some reason)


Not sure about the gw and mm ones, but I do like the idea for dr and hs

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Ye I probably will change the GW in future and maybe make ones for when you have a power up, one for imposter at least. :smile:

What purpose would the h&s texture serve exactly?

When you use a taunt and it goes on cooldown, you can see when it’s ready on the item instead of having to spam click it until the cooldown is done, as well I was thinking they could just have the item name work like deathrun where it shows how long is left on the cooldown

These look great, it would give more originality and detail to the hive, and the older games like dr, mm, and h&s need some updates anyways

For mm the throwable could be a pixel art version of the unlock that you have for throwables

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I was thinking that, I just thought it might be too much work for the hive. I just chose a shuriken since it looked kinda like a nether star.


But why not just spam click? This is totally unnecessary.

The leap doesn’t need to be changed to a slightly different version of a feather


I’m not acul
although the names are and pfps are quite similar

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How come the new throw texture is a shurieken? Why not a hand?

I explained it already

Yeah, I was thinking that it could be the blockdrop one but I thought it might be a bit weird

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When I said loud noise, I meant in game with the beep. It’s just you don’t play hide yet you think you know how to improve it.

EDIT: I just realised you said “some people like spam clicking to test their CPS” Literally no one does this, because a) if you want to test CPS you don’t join a game of Hide and Seek lol and b) You are capped at clicking the emerald like 3-5 times a second.

Thanks to whoever purged this for not just locking the topic

Dr arrows are needed (noobs just run or use it like it’s the slime balls)
Also the mm zapper looks awesome


Quick Poll Time (for deathrun leap):

  • Vanilla Feather
  • My Feather (or something in a similar vein)
  • Block Drop Vault Feather

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Actually, should I make these into a bunch of separate suggestions, because I think they have a rule on not making a list of suggestions so they know what you’re voting for.

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I think they would be considered 1 suggestion because they are all retextures of items

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I guess that makes sense, seeing as its moreso just an idea of retexturing items with some concepts

I just thought of another retexture suggestion if you want to add it
Instead of concrete blocks for just build make them more special items to represent the rating

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