New Game: Speed Builders (SB)

Like Mineplex - Speed Builders. I suggest it on The Hive because the servers InPvP, Lifeboat and Mineplex are very laggy because the ping and for this reason I want it on The Hive. I know this is a short post for a game suggestion, but I have no idea for other game. :wink:

And The Hive have only games based on pvp… Why not in build ?

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Yep. I suggested for Build Battle, too. :wink:

This game would have the same issues as build battles, but I don’t see why not if those issues can be mitigated well. Also, what’s the difference between this and build battles?

In this gamemode you are shown a build and have to build it by remembering it.
In build battle you are given a theme that you have to build and at the end players vote on the others’ builds.


Ah, thanks.