New game modes


More info:

Players are locked in a place (house, mall, museum…) and they need to find the key to escape.

They’re chased by the beast/s (1/2 player/s) that have to kill’em all before they escape or before the time expires.

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I don’t think it is quite the sort of thing the hive does.
It could be more like a puzzle game. Maybe simmular like the mcc sands of time

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Soon, Im going to come up with an idea of this in the suggestions (soon)

Next week is game design week! The week where I suggest a new game with all details mon-fri :smiley:

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I dont think hive will add this just because hive is meant to be a kid-friendly game and that kinda sounds like the backrooms but the exit is easier.
The beast’s/monster’s skin will be terrifying because they are “monsters”
and people can be scared and have nightmares or smth.

Happy Hiving! :wave:

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I personally think this would be a good idea as a Murder Mystery mode but I don’t think the hive will add it. :frowning:

I’ll still vote though!!!

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