New game mode: gun game

Hi guys, I have thought of a new game suggestion!

I was thinking of this game mode called “gun game” (or that’s what I would like to call it).

The idea of the game is that everyone starts off with a weapon, and players have to battle it out. When a player has killed someone, they upgrade to a new weapon! The person to reach the last weapon and kill a player wins!

I have a few weapon suggestions, diamond sword, tnt, flint and steel, bow and arrows, and a whole lot more that I think you guys can think of!

That’s actually not bad, but how does GunWars sound? Imo GunWars sounds better but I’m fine with it if you call it “Gun Game.”

Ooooo. This sounds like Survival Games, but with Weapons! And I love the idea that each time you get a kill your weapon upgrades!

Nice! If Hive ever decides to add this gamemode I’m more than sure they will add never-seen-before weapons along with seen-before weapons!

Have a Beetastic day/evening!

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this is a call of duty gamemode lol

name doesn’t make sense because there obviously won’t be guns in hive

i mean sounds cool but i don’t think it’s very Hive-ish

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GunWars sounds better, I agree

I don’t know what call of duty is lmao

I don’t think hive wants to add a game with guns. Also there are a lot of little kids who play hive and the models required to preform this would make pink glitch even worse.


As ClankStar once said on a different post about guns: This would breach Minecrafts age rating.

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Ahh, you’re right.
Maybe Hive can make something similar to Gun Wars but… without Guns?

Ahh yes. Gun wars without the guns.

Sure, how about you guys figure out the name?

That’s just wars.

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Exactely, thats what I was saying.

pew-pew game, take it or leave it

They could use the guns from the Hive Sonic Event. They didn’t breach the age thingy

problems with this is that mobile players would hate this game because it’s difficult to aim not like pc sweats where they can easily aim with ease.