New Game mode: Dwarves Vs Zombies

Hive make a new Game mode: Dwarves Vs zombies
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(Sorry if some of my details are wrong I haven’t played dvz for years). Dwarves Vs zombies is an old minigame that was popular years ago. Lots of different severs had their own iteration of it, but it had the general idea of a large team of Dwarves (I can’t remember the exact number but I could be between 50 and 80) that have about 1 Minecraft day to prepare to defend a shrine, by building walls, and making items. At the beginning of a round, all the dwarves are given a selection of classes they could choose from. All players can choose builder class, but they have a random chance of being able to choose the other classes, blacksmith(that make weapons), tailor(that makes armour), alchemist(that makes potions), and probably some more that I forgot. All players have a global enderchest. Builders can summon in stone bricks which they can use to build walls. The other classes have to perform some roles to make items, eg brewing mundane potions for the alchemist, which they can turn into useful potions, which they can give out over the endchest. At the start of the night, a fraction of the dwarves (around 20%) are randomly chosen to join the zombies team. They respawn at a point in front of the walls, where they have to attack the dwarves and try to destroy their shrine. The zombie team are given a selection of kits based of of vanilla monster by a system I can’t remember. When a zombie is killed, they respawn, but when a dwarf is killed, they join the zombie team. The dwarves will most of the time have stronger gear than the mobs, so the mobs will need to rely on attacking as a team and overwhelming individual dwarves. The zombies win if the shrine is destroyed. The dwarves win if the shrine survives until daytime.

Other details:
The server I played this on years ago (lilcraft) had a player cap of around 500, split over a few games, so for a large server like hive, playercount shouldn’t be a problem(my memory is vague so I may be wrong)

The mob kits could be unlocked by leveling up

Full choice over dwarf kits was normally given to voter, so it could be for people that buy hive plus

If you want more of an idea of what I’m talking about, good video is called lilcraft dvz trailer by shadow kingdom.

Trolling and griefing could be a problem with this mode, so there would have to be a system to easily report those people.

Writing this has brought back lots of nostalgia and good memories and it would be epic if hive could add something like this. The server I played it on shut down in 2014 and I haven’t played it since
Sorry if this was long but the game is fairly complex, it is lots of fun though, and would appeal to both builders and combat focussed players.

Thank you for your time and please consider adding this.

This seems too large and too long for the hive. Also, everyone should have equal access to kits


I agree with the kits being equal, I was just suggesting ways hive could do it. When I played dvz on lilcraft(a server with about 450 concurrent players spread over a few other games, I didn’t remember long queues. I think queueing would put you in spectator for a running game, or it could be people where more used to queuing then. Whatever the case, because of how good the game was, I think players would be willing to queue

I’m not opposed to this, but it does kinda seem like its too similar to treasure wars mega, sg, or uhc

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I would disagree. The game is nothing like UHC or survival games. You could make a comparison with tw mega, but it is quite different. It’s not two identical teams, it’s one team of Dwarves that are stronger but can’t respawn defending against the mobs which are weaker but can respawn and make dwarves join their team.

It wouldn’t be a bad game to add to be honest. Although I agree it is similar in a way to Treasure Wars, it has a somewhat different construct I suppose.

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For anyone unfamiliar with DvZ, this might sound similar to other minigames that exist already on the hive, but I assure you not only does it get progressively harder, it’s one of the most fun games I have ever played in all of minecraft. The Hive is one of the most successful bedrock servers, so it’s most definitely going to have a large enough playerbase to keep lobbies filling up for the games, even if only one or two can go at a time. Scheduling the games to begin every hour or every other hour, depending on resources and playercount, would make for very easy game management that most players would be very happy with.