New game. Ish

So, this isn’t a new game. But I hope
You take it into consideration anyways.

The game was called bridges and was on mineplex Java, I only got minecraft because of it, not realising I got bedrock. (8 years ago) and now it gone, and I just hope there will be one similar to it soon!

If you don’t know what bridges is I’ll explain! There are 4 teams. Red blue green and yellow, on either a map with void underneath or water! (Water doesn’t kill uou
Right away) and there’s caves with ores on the island, trees for wood, it’s like a floating island with all the essential needs. You have 10 minutes to mine for ores then you have to wait for the bridges to spawn. The last team left wins.

There are a couple of kits also, there was a kit I always wanted go suggest so I’ll add it here

Appler - throws apples at people, deals equal amount of damage (half a heart) no matter the armour

Archer - has bow and arrow, gets fletcher arrows also which shoot 3-4 arrows at once

Brawler - spawns with iron sword, can deal more damage to a person as they have the strength

Berserker - spawns with stone axe, can leap away every 10 seconds

Bomber, gets 2 tnt to blow things up, respawn every 25 seconds

Miner - spawns with Unbreakable stone pickaxe, stone pa (pickaxe) can find coal, iron pa - iron, diamond pa - diamond etc!

Destructor - can only be obtained after getting a certain amount of gems. But maybe here could just be by how many wins or so you have the game?
You spawn with 2 enderpearls which when thrown at like a sky tower or the bridge will crumble away into the void or water or down below! Respawns every 45 seconds

My suggestion,
Dragon - is able to throw fire at people, to hopefully burn them, also to burn their bridge, this kit would be op so could only be obtained if having every achievement?

That’s all, I hope you at least take it into consideration, and it’s unlikely you’ll add it! But thank you for reading nonetheless!

I actually really like this idea! It kinda reminds me of walls but with bridges instead of walls. Ig that would make sense. Also, Welcome to the forums Mantic! :smile:

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Hiii! Thank you! I hope it’s at least thought about or added to another server if not this!
I’ve been an avid gamer for ages! Mainly a block party player, but I love murder too, still mad how I became murderer then glitched out the world tho.
Anyways thank you for the warm welcome!! :heart::heart:

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I don’t think this game is currently on any other bedrock server so don’t worry. :smile:

No problem! I hope you stay. :blush:

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Ofc I will! I love the hive ahah!

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I’ve seen my friend played this game, and it reminded me with another game that Hive used to have on its Java server.
Well maybe it’s Sky Giants?(I think the gameplay is a little similar if it isn’t please tell me.)

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Kind of, but there’s no chests with things in them, you have to get everything manually. But I See some similarities with the floating islands! But this is just skywars, not that similar! Just look up mineplex bridges in the internet to get the gist, it’s quite hard fo explain!

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I feel like this 2010 gameplay loop would be way too slow to gain any sort of favorability from the majority of the hive community, that said it sounds fun at least for a few games. Grinding this would be a nightmare tho, thats alot of mining with bad tools :fearful:


Sounds like a great idea, I’ll vote. You can vote for your own topic btw :wink: :+1:

You’re also one of the nicest people i’ve seen on the forums so far! next to bubblez, hazard and…
:saluting_face: But anyway, Welcome to the forums! it’s nice too see so many new faces.


Yeah! I don’t really play for competitive reason tho, I just play for fun, my bad!


Omg thank you so much! It means a lot :)!


But of course, if you find iron you can make an iron pickaxe ahaha!
This game is highly about pvp!
I just wanted to play it but could never get Java, hope it’s at least thought about!


Cool suggestion! I think a game like this would be fun (maybe as a variant for bridge?)




I barely have the attention span for skywars’ 30 seconds of grace period much less 10 minutes

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This is a really detailed game mode that I would really like to see in the Hive… you have my vote! :beedance:

That’s a good point, maybe less grace period lol


I like all of these kits, they’re all so cool in their own ways! But if I had to choose one, it’d be the Bomber kit. :smiling_imp: