New Game Idea - Laser Tag

Laser tag (like ghost invasion but more fun)

A possible seasonal game idea for some sort of holiday thing or whatever. IK this is similar to another suggestion but it really isnt, they suggested laser capture the flag im saying a more fun version.

More information:
A large room with high ground and low ground, well lit, with lots of parkour opportunities but also stairs and noob-friendly pathing (multiple votable maps obv, both small and big for variance). 2 or 4 teams of an uncertain amount of people, all with zappers (similar to sheriff zappers), trying to shoot other people. When you get shot you get sent back to your team’s spawn area. The team with the most net “kills” wins. Alternatively you could have a free-for-all with like 12 people and whoever gets the most “kills” wins.

I don’t expect this to get added I just think its a cool idea for the suggestions box in case the hive people ever want more variety.


.o. great idea sounds like it would be a lot of fun

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seasonal? but for which season m8?

I was just saying it “could” be seasonal if they didnt want to make it a full-time minigame. it wouldnt have to be seasonal.

i mean the hive i was in their discord a min ago and i asked what they would use the other stands in the ARCADE for and they said possibly other future games And no good arcade is made without Lazer tag


Bumping this.

There should be some kind of spawn protection to keep people from spawn killing to farm points.

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:beedance: Bumper Bee :beedance:


Could when youre shot not be able to shoot but are not returned to spawn and theyre could be a 20 secomd grace period to run around the map and you first spawn in a big room (which is the lobby) and there is a lot of different zapoersthat might look different and they have different names that you can see and then when the game starts the doors curtains part and you can enter the map and the 20 second grace period starts

Some concepts I’ve came up with for Lazer Tag (Yes I know its La(s)er Tag)
Why the pixel art? Its so this topic has a proper image for the discord embed.

Game NPC (Based off the Arcade Human Npcs)

Lazer Blasters | Red/Blue colors would glow in the dark
(Since these were from Sonic event, then recently added to Ghost Invasion, I see no reason why hive couldn’t recolor them again and use them for Lazer Tag)

The Lazer vest / accessories the player would wear ingame:
Aka custom armor that would be possible on hive thanks to Back Blings!

Both Red & Blue colors would glow in the dark (Simular to how the warden does)


I LOVE IT! Those are such interesting concept designs


Wow that is the best concept I’ve ever seen .


This kind of reminds me of the old One in the Chamber games. I love it! Also, what about adding long range and shorter range guns to toggle of switch between, kind of like the “blaster” (short range) and the “phaser” (long range) kind of like real life laser tag. The blaster would do more damage with a burst, but would not go as far, and the phaser would do more damage the farther away you get, kind of like a sniper.