New Game Idea - “Honey Heist”

Honey Heist, A capture the flag Honey themed Extravaganza!

More information:
I have not played hive for a while, but I have noticed there is already a capture the flag game. I intended this to be like it, but different. Replacement is not necessary, this is just a suggestion for a wicked fun game IMO.

The game was originally intended to be a 1v1 scenario, but as I developed the game more, I decided there should be 2v2s and 3v3s. The Idea of the game, is to cross the field to henother persons “Treasury” and gain their “Carry.” With this Carry now aqcuired, the other team is notified by a titlescreen message “(insert team) Is now Carrying!” Once you have gained the Carry, you must cross the field once more to your side, and score with a drop shot (levitation is given, and you must land in your scoring platform to successfully gain a point - Only works when you have the carry.) After scoring, all teams are notified and the game resets everyone to their sides, removing powerups given that round. There are powerups, such as Broken Wings, removing one players elytra, and giving them slowness. There is also Cure wings, which is a Mooshroom. When near it, you regain your wings and lose your slowness. Poison Stinger gives the player a punch 2 bow, and can only be used every 10 or so seconds. Each player has their own knockback wooden sword to begin with, so that they can defend against those wanting to gain or score Carries. Eventually, I think there should be a variety of powerups that spawn randomly on pedestals, but keeping broken wings at the center.

Some rules of the game
A player or team cannot go into their own Treasury.
Only one person can hold a carry on their team, and both teams can have a carry at once.
There is void on all sides of the field, to keep it confined, and remove one’s ability to “Combo” somebody against a wall whilst another person scores.
First one to score 3 points wins.
There is no cross-teaming, even though it is kind of impossible.

If you want to test out the game for yourself, contact me, and I can show you a version I whipped out only with commands and command blocks. Keep in mind, there will almost always be glitches and bugs with my version, because nothing is ever perfect.

-YIGHT901, the hive player guy dude

this just sounds quite similar to ctf, that i don’t think the hive would add this.

also are the 3 other voters alts, your friends, or is it just a coincidence that they all joined recently

ah but see - its honey themed, hive’s whole thing…

and the other votes are my fwens :slight_smile:

even if it’s honey themed it’s still too similar to ctf

ok :+1:

we’ll see what the devs think