New Game for The Hive

So, I like history, me and many others, and I thought, what if the hive had a game that has historical wars, and now I am suggesting it. It would be cool for us history enjoyers and Minecraft PvP enjoyers alike. Uh, that’s all I have to say

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Most of the players are kids and adding a war simulator is not a good idea rn, especially with the current situation in Ukraine.

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You have to elaborate on exactly what your idea is so people can vote, just saying historical wars doesn’t speak much isn’t it ?

It would be a bit controversial, but i enjoy history and geopolitics, we could recreate American Revolutionary or Operation Barbarossa, or maybe somehow Pearl Harbor. Its a novel idea.

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I don’t think a child would want to dive bomb into an island and try to get the most kills possible.

I could go into depth about why I don’t think this idea is good in any form, but I’ll cut it down to a short paragraph:

War shouldn’t belong in the hive. It’s a Minecraft server, not call of duty multiplayer. If you want to play a game with guns and war, download a mod or completely transfer over to a different game. I might be a bit biased here, as shooter games aren’t really my thing (no I don’t hate guns but I never found any shooter games enjoyable), but I think people can agree with me when I say that this is Minecraft, a block game, where a lot of its player base is kids.

Thank you for reading my little rant


I definitely agree. Kids shouldn’t be exposed to that kinda stuff especially in a kid friendly game like Minecraft. If they wish to play games like that, they’re are many options out there that aren’t minecraft.

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I see your point. But what if we recreated diplomatic scenarios?

I think even diplomatic situations are a bit complicated to the average 8 year old that plays the hive…

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History is a pretty fun topic. Although adding it on hive is pointless and tasteless should I say. I love hive for making family friendly games and adding these games is a bit off of hive’s style of games.