New Game: Eliminator

New Game: Eliminator
How To Play:
Like GroundWars 2 Teams On Each side Defend Your Crystal And kill the Other Players On your Enemy Team
How To Win: Break all their crystals and Kill them all
Unlocks: Hub Titles, Avatars, Costume.
In This game there are 2 sides and you can place sand blocks and You have to defend your crystal and killed the other teams crystal if you pass the other side of get shooter with a ball You are eliminated but You can respawn if your crystal hasn’t been destroyed the crystals have 100 health and there can be powerups if you destroyed all the crystals on the other team you can kill the players in that team and they won’t respawn there and that’s how you win

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I’m getting major Treasure Wars mega vibes from this game. Could you kind of give more detail into it?

For a hub title idea, I would say that besides of having the title “Elimination Leader” it can be something like “Beeliminated” if you know what I mean :wink:

From my understanding its like a hybrid of treasure and ground

Plain ground wars gameplay but if your crystal is broken you dont respawn again

This feels a plain like Kooder said
Honestly would be boring imo

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Maybye more crystals?

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Sure mabye like 4 crystals

Honestly would still be boring