New game: Cranked!


Port the “Cranked” minigame from Hive Java over to Hive Bedrock!

More information:
Concept of the game! Up to 12 players in a single game. Each player gets a stone sword, full leather gear (brown by default), a bow and 12 arrows. All players spawn in an open map and must kill the other players to get kills! Every player can respawn an infinite amount of times after they die. First player to 15 kills wins the game! [This game is basically an FFA to X amount of kills]
After each kill, the player gets a 30 second timer in their EXP bar which will continuously decrease until they get another kill. If they don’t get another kill within 30 secs, they explode.
When certain killstreaks are unlocked, the player gains access to “killstreak items” which can help them get more kills to win the game. However they are one-time uses only. Examples of these could be…

o Ink Bomb! [Unlocked after getting 3 kills in a row] (Spawn Squid Egg) [Right-click to turn into a squid and explode when near a player]
o Chaos the Cat (Unlocked after 6 in a row) (Spawn Ocelot Egg) [Gain Speed II for 5 secs and detonate when near a player]
o Air-Strike! (Unlock after 9 in a row) (Light Blue Stained Glass block) [Teleports you into the sky onto a glass platform and you can choose a player to fall down upon, exploding them!]

-More coming soon…-

Maps! Keep open, flat maps like Utopia but remove maps like Rezovo and Amazonas (hilly, rough maps) from the map rotation. Small changes like updating the block palette for the maps to newer MC blocks are welcome.

o Armour Colour - Customise the colour of your leather armour! [Brown - Default, Green - LVL 3, Yellow - LVL6, Light Blue - LVL 9, Magenta - LVL12, Red - LVL 15, Purple - LVL18]
o Arrow Trails - Customises the colour of your arrow potion particle trails! [Light Grey - Default, Green - LVL3 Yellow - LVL6, Light Blue - LVL 9, Magenta - LVL12, Red - LVL 15, Purple - LVL18]
o Particle Trails - Customise the colour of your particle trails! [Light Grey - Default, Green - LVL3 Yellow - LVL6, Light Blue - LVL 9, Magenta - LVL12, Red - LVL 15, Purple - LVL18]

Leveling! Starts at 1, caps at 20!
[Level 1 - 500exp, Level 2 - 600, Lvl 3-750, Lvl 4- 850, Lvl 5-900, Lvl 6-1050, Lvl 7-1200, Lvl 8-1500, Lvl 9-1750, Lvl 10-1900, Lvl 11-2300, Lvl 12- 2700, Lvl 13-3100, Lvl 14-3600, Lvl 15-4200, Lvl 16-4800, Lvl 17-5500, Lvl 18-6200, Lvl 19, 7000, Lvl 20-8500]
Nearly 60k exp in total!

Waiting Lobby! The current Hive Java Cranked lobby can be reused, though with an updated block palette.

Experience Distribution! Every Kill - 20exp, Every Win - 25exp

Statistics Hologram in Lobby!
Games played;
Killstreaks: (any streak that is 3 kills in a row, 6, or 9 kills in a row)
Killstreak (K.S.) Items Used:

Final note: Thank you for reading my game suggestion! Please leave any feedback you have about this game and please vote if you like it!

Cranked was really popular on Hive Java and I hope this game concept can be enjoyed on Bedrock aswell!

I’d love for this to be added to the upcoming Mixed Arcade! It’s a very fun game on Hive Java!

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This seems very fun and epic because of the pvp aspect and the fun abilities. I will increase the amount of votes currently by 1

Bump This would be a good PvP game for the arcade or this could be in a microgame type mode in the Future and I think I’m ill now Because I keep bumping old topics…