{New Game} Champions

The Hive is the place to go for great games like,SG, TreasureWars, SkyWars, DR, Hide and Seek, and JB, So what if the Hive made a new game?

Champions would be a SG and Kit PVP hybrid.

How it would work:
There would be 10-30 kit selection.
2 minutes and 50 seconds to loot chests before deathmatch.
Leveling up could give you spawn pedestals, arrow trails, new particle capes for when you win, Avatars, and hub titles.

That’s my idea! Say what you think in the comments!!

Do you unlock the kits? Or does everybody have the same kits. Also, vote for your own suggestions.

I’m 82% sure Hive confirmed they will not add kits on any minigame


This game doesn’t sound too bad, but The Hive isn’t the place to add it…

No, the kits are free to all players

Is the game basically sg with kits

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Yeah, like complx said, this game is too similar to sg to be added, and probably too much work to be an ltm. Also, isn’t this a copy of Hypixel’s blitz sg?


No I haven’t ever played hypixel so I don’t know what that is, also it’s more like Hive Java’s SG heros.

Thanks for your suggestion but I believe hive have clarified that Kits would not be added on any game mode, the game is not that bad but in my opinion wont fit for the hive, and hive has for now many pvp game modes, I’d suggest you to give out ideas for arcane games.