New Game: Build Battle (BUILD)

Many servers in Bedrock (InPvP, Mineplex) and Java servers (Hypixel and more) have Build Battle game. This is one from my favorite game, but Mineplex and InPvP have weak signal and I can’t play there. For this reason I wanna The Hive Developers create Build Battle in Hive.


Sample themes: Computer, House, Cat, Fishing, River, Breakfast, Fast food, Pixel Art, Baby, Furniture, Football, Boxing Ring, Bucket, Picnic, Balloon, Beach, TV…


Time for:

  • selecting theme: 10 secs
  • building: 5 minutes
  • vote on build: 10 secs


Red Stained Clay - Super Poop (2 points)
Pink Stained Clay - Poop (3 Points)
Lime Stained Clay - OK (4 Points)
Green Stained Clay - Good (5 Points)
Purple Stained Clay - Epic (6 Points)
Gold Block - Legendary (7 Points)
Barrier - Report: If the build is inappropriate


Win Records: Like DR: 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

  • Yes, I’ll play it. 100%
  • Yep, Good idea, but there are some mistakes/missings. 75%
  • OK. 50%
  • Meh… 25%
  • Nope. This idea is a sh!t! 0%

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I hope You’ll like it.

Don’t forget about /settheme :wink:


I’d probably not play it(I don’t want to see trolls building nsfw stuff…), but I still think it’s a good idea to add if it’s moderated enough.

Well, you could just straight up report 'em after in-game reporting releases. Also, not only trolls, but also people who build pornography.

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That’s exactly what he just said:

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pretty sure you’re not allowed to have a forum sig lol

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I mean it is just a “guideline” but yeah lol, honestly I’m just not a build battle kinda person, but I could see this working possibly

Yep. Set theme command will be also good, but for more Pro players like Jerry and Harry.

If a building get at least 10 reports, the reported player will be kicked for 24 hours. If the player become kicked at least 5 times, it will be banned forever for the reason it is building uncensored stuff! :open_mouth:

And the capacity for players will be 16 players. At least 10 players for start.

It also will be ok, if some users from the forum give more themes for buildings. I’ve got more ideas: apple, flag, campfire, sink, book, swimming pool, ice cream, astronaut, toothpaste, clock, apple, hairstyle, newspaper, mailbox, bed, tools, pig, cake, pencil, rabbit, teddy bear, chimney, game, Steve.

And yes, moderators and spectators will be good idea though.


Some more ideas to add onto this:

-Maybe it could be 7 players to start and 12 players maximum? I know alot of people on Java Build Battle servers that hate how the games are 9-10 mins long when Hive Bedrock usually has fast -finishing games.
Keep it quick and fun for higher player retention and replayability.

-Your 10 reports idea is pretty good, I like it’s concept!

-For the statistics hologram in the waiting lobby, maybe we could replace “Victories” with “Top 3 Placings” like how many games u got top 3 in. I know for a fact that eventually people will start voting unfairly to purposely cause others to not win. Top 3 instead of wins can hopefully cheer the person up if they got unfair voted alot in previous games.

-Possible cosmetics:
o Particle Trails - Particles like the ones from DeathRun (different particle colours, same particle type used) during the whole game.
o Coloured Hats - Everyone gets a brown leather helmet for the whole game by default, but can change the colours of the leather helmet through leveling!

-Time for building could be shortened to 4 minutes/3.5 minutes since alot of players on Java B.B. usually don’t like B.B. for their extremely long games relating with the time given for building. 3.5 is definitely enough time for most simple themes anyways.
Average game with 12 people would last about 8 minutes (not that long!)

Vote on build time should be ATLEAST 20 seconds (could be up to 30), 10 secs is WAAAY too little time to even inspect the builds closely.

Final note : Honestly great idea for a minigame, but with our suggestions in place, it’ll make for a slightly more wholesome experience :wink:


@ohHuvo , I’ll rate your ideas with 1-10.

7 players for start and 12 players maximum is OK, but I feel this count of players is a little small. [6/10].
I think 5 minutes for building are enough for building. [9/10]

Thanks. It is really helpful because of 18+. [10/10]

Yep. I forgot to say for the stats hologram.

  • Games won as 1st place - ?
  • Games won as 2nd place - ?
  • Games won as 3rd place - ?
  • Most points earned ever - ?
  • Reports eaten - ?
  • Average vote - [Super Poop/Poop/OK/Good/Epic/Legendary]
  • Games played - ?
  • Victories - ?
  • Losses - ?

Are they OK?

  • They are perfect. (100%)
  • OK. (50%)
  • Nope. They are sh!tty. (0%)

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I didn’t understand half of them, but I forgot to put something in the locker:

  • The Particle Trails are OK for stuff in th locker.
  • Builder capes also will be a good idea.
  • Builder costumes.
  • Super votes (each will cost 10 QP)
  • Win effects (Fireworks, Hearts, Water and more)

I think 5 minutes for building are enough for building. Because very Java players also like this time, because 3.5 minutes are really concise for building. I think this time will be enough only for game like Guess The Build. So I’m dissapointed here. [1/10]

I think 20-30 secs per build for 12-16 players is very long. 10 - 15 secs are enough here. Again I’m dissapointed. [2/10]

Thanks. Sorry if I hate some of your suggestions. But some of them are super. Keep up the good work, man! And don’t forget - subscribe to my channel! :laughing:

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Some of the addition build battle modes could be

*guess the build In this mode there will be 5 to 15 rounds.Each round someone will be chosen to create a build examples: space ship, computer, cabin and the other players will have to guess what the word is, and everyone has 1-2 minute(s) (so mobile and xbox will have enough time) to guess what the word is. Every time a player guesses a word right they will get: 3 points if they get it within the first 1-20 seconds, 2 points for 21-40, and 1 point for 40-60. The person who was building that round will get 1-2 points for every player who guesses the word. (essentially

  • The next gamemode is team buildbattle which is self explanatory (duos and squads)
  • Just team build battle
  • Just guess the build
  • neither
  • both

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Honestly, while team and squads B.B. do sound nice, I think that being creative on your own without getting carried by teammates sounds better. Squads wouldn’t really work at all since theres so many people that you have to control too. Plus, I can imagine many kids just random queueing Teams B.B. and they’ll get another kid teammate and there won’t be any good communication among them when building, which isn’t fun. Solo is just fine cuz many kids don’t know how to party friends and solo is better than just getting carried by your more creative teammate/straight up having a random teammate trolling you or something.

GtB sounds cool too, but just like the case of Hypixel’s GtB, there’ll eventually be tryhards who memorize every single dang theme and thus give no chance to new players who do not know the normal theme rotation throughout GtB games. Overall, will be like a memorizing game rather than guessing since there’ll be recurring common themes.

Guess the build (GUESS) is a cool idea, I like it.

The same thing could be said about, but every round I’ve played was pretty close. There will always be people in survival games that can combo you within one second from experience, and same could be said about TW, but that doesn’t ruin the game it gives you motivation to persist and get better.


Hmm, yeah I see what you mean with I guess GtB could be fun, though honestly classic solo B.B. sounds better. Atleast in there you’re active in the game at any given time since building + voting. GtB is kinda just an AFK fest, like the second u get the theme right you can tab out of MC while having to wait long for everyone else to finish guessing.

Final note : Just feel that B.B. be a simple game concept, all it needs is solo B.B. mode, plus adding more modes would eventually cause majority of people to play more of one mode and leaving the other modes less popular/successful. Having everyone play only one mode would make the game feel alive and thriving, not isolated with only a few people playing compared to the other BB modes.

(Solo BB classic is also more easily understood by younger Bedrock players too :wink:)


On the bright side I guess he is happy that this will be added Friday (JBlobby)