New fish item for sw

So far in skywars, theres only 1 item related to fish, which is the knockback nemo. Why not add a new one called the deadly dory which if you get 5 consecutive hits on a person, you get 5 hearts taken off your healthbar, and if you dont get the combo off, the fish breaks, but only from melee hits (No snowball or bow hits). I think this would be a good addon since more people would train in pvp to get more combos to use this item effectively and therefore add more fun to the pvp.

Why would you use an item that damages yourself?


yes thats what im thinking.
Nice name tho UwU

Maybe make it deal more damage every hit, but when you pull off the combo it breaks and cuts ur remaining health in half.

wont that be op
if someone gets the fish and combos hell het the enemy out in like 4-5 hits even with full armour

…Please get that suggestion out of that. That is the worst idea for a literally a item.

Well just like the post, don’t make a whole another post for likes.