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Affected Service (Capture the Flag, NA region):
What was affected - please include the region, and the name of the map if applicable
All maps on ctf game

What is the bug?
I don’t know if this is actually a bug or not. When I play, I can no longer see a players game tag when a block is on the way (it takes their gamer off). But if there is no block blocking out my sight of the player, I can see their gamertag (or name above their head). This didn’t happen before.

I think needing to see a players gamer tag especially in ctf is necessary. Because I can’t see where the player is going to what direction and it ruins it. For example, what it the player is going to attack my teammate who has the flag but I do not know if someone is actually attacking them or chasing them. So how am I going to protect person with flag? Another example is that what if a player (that’s from the opposing team) is coming to my teams base, but I do not know where they are and can’t defend from afar if I can’t see the opposing team players gamertag

Device(s) & Version
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I’m using iOS

Screenshots and/or video:
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This issue is due to the latest version of Minecraft, which we have no control over.

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