New feature to replay/live game

Soo ive been seeing alot of people using macros/autos/timers and theres no anti cheat against those to my knowledge. I think some way to view someones cps in replay or live would be amazing.

Maybe like a graph soo you can see fluctuations or if their cps is suspiciously steady.

Alot of people who have been called out for macros and autos but are innocent, would have further proof that they dont use any exploits or scripts.

This could be beneficial for the mods, and might already be a feature for them. However, for a regular player, this wouldn’t do much. :stuck_out_tongue:


yeah this wouldn’t do a lot for players, just mods. when i become a mod i’ll vote lol

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Why does everyone gotta treat voting like you’re investing if you like an idea vote for it, it isn’t that deep.

Another thing to point out, So what if it’s already a feature if that’s the case let Splodger or any of the mods remove the suggestion it’s really not a big deal.