New Costume Idea!

That looks reeally cool! Hive should try this :eyes:


Lol i took it from the internet


Lol I didn’t realize

Its the earth skin from signing up for mc earth beta.

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So this little idea this kid made is not new?

mine looks different. mine is not a mc world, mine is a globe. i actually didnt think of this skin when i thought of the globe

This exists now so maybe we should close this and make it an accepted idea.

A video showed that this costume suggestion is a reality now.
Art of the official costume

(Not linking the costume’s page because hive might punish me :slightly_smiling_face:)


If that’s real I might actually start screaming…

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I’ve had to delete the picture that was posted of an upcoming costume, as it hasn’t been released yet.

This is an awesome suggestion, but I’ve been informed that our art team did not see or take inspiration from this thread when designing the costume and that the similarities are coincidental.

That being said, we loved your drawings and we’re more than happy to grant you the costume once it is released :smile:


I don’t really care that much lmao. I was excited for about 3 minutes

Oh I didn’t even see this. Thank you :))

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bruh :man_facepalming: dont send pictures of unreleased content

Ik bcuz it sus

As of the 23rd of April this costume idea was looked over by the staff team and they made it a costume! Nice job! Also I know you drew it like a year ago but whatever… anyways here is the link

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It’s so cool that they get it for free like splod3r said!

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Can so wine mark this as complete and give @cupcsr that fine looking badge for getting a approved idea. Congratulations @cupcsr you deserve this

I already have one

Also, splodger said that they didn’t really take inspiration from it, so it’s not a big deal

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Oh the badge does not show up but congratulations