New cosmetic idea

Idea: i think adding little 4D objects on skins and have a new option to add it in the locker. Basically as you level up, besides unlocking avatars and hub titles, you’d unlock a something 4D. Let’s say something like wings or a backpack cosmetic to use in the lobby. I think it would be a very cute and fun idea and it would make people more excited to play! This idea might not be available since the banning of 4D skins, but I think the idea of unlocking them and being able to use them around the lobby would be pretty fun!

[A new cosmetic]

More information: I’ve had this idea for quite a while now and hopefully it can be heard.

[This should be for the lobby ONLY, since for games it might get in the way]

Wow, this is a great suggestion!! I feel like we needed more cosmetic type(ish) in-game, and this is such a good idea!

Also, Welcome to the Forums!! :partying_face: :beedance:

do you mean 3d?

It probably wouldn’t work as a game level unlock, as they’d have to either only add them for content updates or deal with the headache with what would happen for people already at that level. But that would be cool with the quest master store. One more problem I see is that this might have problems with costumes. But it’s still a good idea

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Holy frick you have my vote 100%

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This sounds pretty epic. Upvote.

I think the 4d items will interfere with costumes custom geometry, so maybe the items shouldn’t be shown while wearing a costume.

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Nice idea! But I didn’t get the ‘4D’ part.
Also whats next? Pets? :rofl:

we already have costumes if thats what you mean, you didnt mention them in the original post; costumes are 4D

(4D: a skin that has parts that go beyond the limit of the usual boundary, such as wings or a tail)

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He meant additional wings on the skin, or a bag. Pretty sure its written :+1:


yea costumes would be disabled while using the 4D/3D cosmetic but ya, i just think it would be a fun idea :smiley:

oh basically you would unlock 3D/4D cosmetics as you leveled up in games. so lets say at level 73 you’d get a little pirate hat cosmetic :PPP

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yep that’s what i meant!

Yes, I believe that could be an example.

I actually like the sound of this idea! you get my vote :+1:


This is an awesome idea. I was kind of thinking a cape you could use for the server like in deathrun but for lobby and in different gamemodes

This is a good idea but

If costumes are disabled while this is enabled, then I wouldn’t wear this.

For the console players to be happy, these unlocks could be compatible with certain costumes.

For example the Sky Warrior thing wouldn’t be compatible with wings, but it could wear a backpack.

Otherwise I’ll have to be Hive Steve.

Thank you :smile: i’ve actually had this idea for a while

i mean, there are skin packs on the marketplace

I think this would be a good idea, we need more cosmetics like Mineplex. Also, pets might be an interesting new addition for the hive as well.

Cool idea, it could a nice way to improve on your own skin without having to put on a costume. You have my vote!

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