New Command /h

Hive has a command called /hub instead of hub they should change it to /h h is half of hub so Just h

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It’s 2 letters, I don’t think this is a needed command


/hub is 3 letters and is shorter than most command. Honestly if this is a longer command like /q sky-squads I’ll vote but this is entirely lazy.


Only a shortening of the command is a lot easier, especially for console players where they have to type with a controller.

i’m a console player and it’s not hard to type /hub. but i could just be a faster typer

I agree, but It would be easier.

I’m on switch and you can use the d-pad to scroll through your messages for quick command usage.
Using this you only have to type the command once.


(?) Not sure if this goes to other consoles as well, but in order to be sent to hub I manually have to type in ‘/hub’ and I use the joystick… using ‘/h’ is not very necessary though it is LITERALLY easier, as —what I assume— the entire point of shortening it would be, but it isn’t just to hub travel, /d would be easier than /discord and /e would be easier than /emote, really can just apply itself anywhere and in fact BE easier— which is the entire point of shortening it.

When I play on xbox typing /hub out still takes like ~5 seconds, and then AFTER you type it in, if you go into chat, but not the textbar you just need to hit up on the dpad and it does the least command you typed, like hitting the up arrow on pc

and I know for a fact it’s on playstation as well bc I know people who use it