New Cloud Pet ☁️

New Cloud Pet

You can obtain the cloud pet by reaching a certain level in Skywars.

There can be many variants of the cloud pet, like,

  • Thunder :cloud_with_lightning:
  • Sunny :sun_behind_small_cloud:
  • Snow :cloud_with_snow:
  • Rainy :cloud_with_rain:
    Etc. . . .

Credits: @Zanelees


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It sounds like a pretty cool idea, specially the weather styles, but I believe they don’t want to make free pets right now, considering they take a lot of time and resources to make. Maybe in the future?
Remember you can vote for your own suggestion! :smile:


Thank You @GDVillaa, I think you’re right, especially since The Hive has a lot of plans for this year.


if you’re afk (don’t move for over 3 minutes) the cloud should go above you, imo, so the rainful/snow/whatever will fall down on you.

it’d be cool


Currently Hive has no plans on having pets that are ‘free’ but this would still be a cool pet to buy from the marketplace

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I feel like this would be a great suggestion as just a new pet, but as other people have said not for free. I do really like the idea ryyuunn said about it going over you. That to me would look really nice, maybe a pet that changes with the level of a certain game could be cool.


Good idea but free no, better paid as they take a lot of work

Translated from Spanish to English

Buena idea pero gratis no, mejor de pago ya que llevan mucho trabajo

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Tiny bump!
I think that this is a great idea, and while I do like it as a pet, what if it was a mount? The Hive did announce that they will be adding mounts! :beedance:


I was thinking about mounts, but I have forgotten about it when I made the post. :beedance:


This would be a cool idea, just drop the free part( as others have already said) and boom, good pet suggestion


First Mount Concept - def not a self ad

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I actually think this is a wonderful idea, especially the variant part! But I personally think it would be better if the cloud pet had eyes just to make it more interesting.

Welcome to the forums, and brilliant idea!:grin:

Edit: I just realised you said the pet would be free, I don’t think they would make free pets right now, knowing that they just made a new free rock pet (Which you could only obtain during April 1st but whatever)

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They aren’t that new lol

Also I agree with what you said. The cloud needs eyes

All pets need eyes.
If it gets added, It should be called Cloudee.
As a cubee reference.

Maybe the weather of the cloud depends on your kill streak.

  • Normal = 0-1 kill streak
  • Sunny = 1-4 kill streak
  • Rainy = 4-9 kill streak
  • Snowy = 9-14 kill streak
  • Thunder/Lightning = 14+ kill streak

(I guess this could also work for login and win streaks to)
Also why does it say @Mrcouchman09 is new to the forums?

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Or it’s random

It was their first post

This was my first post.

@Unimaginative58 It would make it better if it was based of your streaks

Ohhh yeah this is their first time posting a thread so I just wanted to welcome them :slight_smile: