New bridge kit idea

Basically just an invisible kit that makes u Invis for like 6 seconds or smth. let me know if you have an idea for the time.

This could either be broken or useless and I couldn’t be bothered to say why, so just think about how you would use it in a game

Edit: now that I can be bothered, if you used it right at the end of the bridge they won’t know which staircase you’re going up, as for being useless, you aren’t able to move faster nor do you have many projectiles so you’re forced to just wait at the base or lose every round


In my opinion, this won’t be added, as you could camp at your goal and combo your opponents away without them having a chance to react. This is not what you are meant to do in the bridge( or at least I think it is not).
So to cut a long sentence short, this thing is nothing I would like to see in The Bridge, as it is breaking the game’s sense.


Now that I think about it, it does seem kinda broken.

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harming potions that do 1.5 hearts would be better imo

so harming 0.5 lol, harming one does 6 damage/3 hearts by default, regardless of armour

hive could edit the value of damage

The pot kit seems like a good idea tho.

I agree, it’s only use is the stairs

Fireworks + Crossbow but you have slowness effect.