NEW "Birthday Bundle" for the hive!

Birthday Bundle for the Hive!
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This server was debuted officially in October 16. I think we should celebrate its 3rd birthday somehow! Yes I know were months before this date, but I thought of planning now. (I consider maybe a gift hunt, bundle, or something like this sonic event where we have our own currency to purchase items for exclusive cosemtics). Other bedrock servers like Cubecraft and Mineplex have celebrated their birthdays with small content updates, and I thought why not make The hive feel special as well with them!

Here are some ideas I started of with!

Birthday Bundle cosemetics:

Survival Games:
-Carnival Tent (Spawn pedestal)
-Cupcake (Spawn Pedestal)

Hide and Seek:

  • Gift wrap bow(Hat)
  • Party hat (Hat)
    -Party blow horn (Face)
    -Birthday Candles (Feet)

Treasure wars:
-Party streamers/ Conffeti (Bridge builder)

  • Balloon Animal(Treasure)
    -Cake tower (Treasure)


  • Balloons (Spawn)
  • Cake layer (Spawn)
    -Cake slice (Flag)
    -“You’re Invited!” (Flag)

Murder Mystery:
-Slice of cake (Throwable)
-Pianata (Throwable)
-Gift box (Grave stone)
-Melted cake (Grave stone)

Death run:
-Clown face (Death marker)
-“2021” (Death marker)

  • Clown (Death skin)

Hub Titles
-CELEBRATOR (orange text color)
-Sweet Tooth (Magenta text color)
-Party Time! (Pink text)

As for the gift hunt, I supposed us players try to search for gifts around the hub in order to look for a skin Maybe a variant for the costume “Medusa” called “Gummy worm Medusa” with a pink-ish/ purple tint of her skin. Anything sweet for the costume works.

If you made it this far, thank you for reading :slight_smile:


You have my vote

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Make this happen.

But one thing… I’m max in Tw, and there’s already a pinata treasure


A minigame where you hunt for ingredients to make a big cake! Winner is the first one to find all of the ingredients and made the cake.

To make it spicy, each player has a punch bow or a nemo and there will be void holes, if you die you will lose all the ingredients you found


Wow Great Idea!!! Would love to see this happen!