New Backrooms “Event”

Sooo we all know that most people have gotten the costume and completed the current Backrooms event (which came out almost 5 months ago).

I believe that there should be a new “event!” (This wouldn’t replace the current one)

Basically what you’ll do is find the “entities” (Ender dragon heads) in 5 different map variants to get the Entity costume.

Vote if you agree!

Ya I would love this as everyone kinda forgot about the hunt and I kinda would love some more lore into the back rooms map


I like the lore idea but another backrooms hunt would make people just overvote backrooms again and backrooms and castle town are the two most voted murder mystery maps good suggestions though :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: if they did the hunt they should make the map not so rare where it only spawns like every 2 hours and not make it first come first serve


No it would cause this map to voted again and again. Even now Castle Town and Backroom got repeatedly voted

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Bump! This was pretty buried!