New Armor in Treasure Wars Bedrock

The 1.16 nether update came out a month ago and there is a brand new material called netherite, and when I jumped on the game for the first time in 1.16, I was disappointed that there was no option to buy netherite armor or sword and I think everyone would love that. Also, you can swap the generators there could be a diamond generator, emerald generator but also a netherite generator and if you get 20 pieces of netherite then you can get netherite armor but it generates slower that the emerald generator. That is what I would love to see in the next treasure wars update.

This is a duplicate suggestion, use :mag: before suggesting

also OH GOD NO
legit, it’s gonna make TW not winnable
i just hope that if it IS going to be added, it will cost 2000 emeralds please


What he said. Also I’m pretty sure Hive still uses 1.14.6.

!.14.6 support was dropped almost a week ago as only 3% people on the hive were using it :stuck_out_tongue:


Very helpful.

Looking forward to nether blocks in just build.

2 Likes So you want this kb on hive

lol, in hive u cant swim, so must be below 1.13

Hive uses their own server software and they disabled swimming for the server, I believe


the sword is ok.

but i would rather have something with 85% damage reduction than netherite.

since dia is already in a sense, semi invincible to cut through. not alot you can do other than whack’em offa ledge, except if you have diamond+ swords i guess

so netherite basically means the death of chain/iron guys. as people already said dia is op, this would be terifying


why did they disable it?

Prevent exploits maybe?

Why are you exaggerating your response it’s not cool or hot

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