Netherite accessories addition

Firstly, the inspiration behind this was (@PotatoPie25 ) PotatoPie26’s video (link:

So… Basically, we all know that netherite armor, sword, etc. were added to minecraft in the 1.16 nether update. Netherite 1v1s would take loads of time. That’s why I have two ways in which I think they should be added:

  1. In custom servers (for maybe sky wars only- as an experiment) there should be an enable ‘netherite armor+sword’ option. This then adds netherite armor to the ender chests, and makes diamond more easier to find (so people who haven’t got netherite accessories, still have a chance) . Along with that, maybe ancient debrie ore could be added, but it should be rarrer than diamond) Over that, there should be an extended game time, as (like stated before) netherite 1v1s take loads of time!

  2. This can lead to a new type of game mode. Called ‘SKY EXTREME’. At the moment, everyone knows that the player count of SKY WARS ROYALE is low, and it isn’t a very successful limited time game mode. Insted, a new game mode- which has netherite accesorios. Like mentioned in reason one, it has:

-Netherite accessories in ender chest
-Diamond accessories are more common to find
-Ancient debrie ore should be added (more rare than diamond ore, though)
-Higher game time (As netherite 1v1s take time)

[NOTE: I got inspiration for the second idea, SKY WARS EXTREME, from a YouTube comment by ‘EM Street Gaming’]

Lastly, a positive feature about this is that it would distinguish ‘the hive’ from other PvP servers, as many DONT offer netherite accecories in PvP game modes


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I don’t see how recieving less knockback makes the game extreme. Because that’s what netherite does.
Also I dont even think it reduces the damage by more or at least much more than diamond.


If netherite armor was implemented into sky wars, it would provide less knock-back, this would make the game-mode extreme because projectiles would have less-to-no impact in terms of knock back. For example, if in a 1v1, I throw a few snowballs. I could probably combo someone in diamond armor, but in netherite it would be tougher.

This would also add variety. Some people out there, might want to practice 1v1s with the EXCEPTION of knock back projectiles. So SKY WARS EXTREME would perfectly suit them.

Secondly, netherite does a little bit more damage compared to diamond- that is kind of true. But, of course, PvP fights would still be longer- and some people like that. But, going with knock-back resistance, the implementation of netherite, makes combos harder! So… (like mentioned before) it would have LONGER and HARDER PvP matches. A good challenge, and way to improve ones PvP skill.


Removing knock back removes basically all the skill in a fight, without it it’s just who has better gear and can aim better.


It doesn’t necessarily remove ‘all the skill’. Knock-back resistance allows:

-less combos
-less following off bridges, etc
(Any events that could take place in an ordinary game with knock-back projectiles).

But you have to think about the fact that, ‘combos will be harder’, but not impossible. Some skilled players will probably figure out timings, and certain strafes to get a netehrite person comboed.

Secondly, I agree with the fact that aim is necessary in these fights. But, CPS (clicks per second) is, too. Like mentioned before, the fights will be LONGER and HARDER, hence the mode is called extreme.

In conclusion, knock-back doesn’t remove all the skill, and fights are LONGER and HARDER, the gear does matter. However, combos aren’t impossible. Netherite 1v1s are lie, any other 1v1s, with just the inclusion of LONGER and HARDER matches (a perfect way to improve ones PvP skills).

So I found this video, it’s really interesting, the owner says it’s not currently on their roadmap but they’re sure they will find a use for it eventually

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This is the video I got the inspiration from, and I linked it in my suggestion, too. I think my idea could be a way netherite accecories are added without interfering with the game too much.

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Oh I really am stupid

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No. Netherite is honestly a terrible armor to add to mini game servers. Here’s why:

1 - It reduces knockback, making combo and fight overall harder for newer players.

2 - 1.16 is an unoptimized mess, adding it to server would make it much lagger for games and especially custom servers.

3 - It ruins the originality of the games. If you added netherite to skywars, the next thing to add would be netherite in treasure wars, then netherite in survival games and then the originality lacks between the games since the best armor is always netherite.

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Firstly, like mentioned above in my replies, SKY WARS EXTREME is a way to improve ones PvP skills- as there are LONGER and HARDER 1v1s. It might not be the best for new players- but they might get interested in the hive (as it will be one of the first featured server to incorporate netherite accessories into its PvP mini-games).

Secondly, 1.16 is a mess. I completely agree. But, like seen before, the hive has its ways. (I’ve seen them add custom items- like glues& hammers). So… something like netherite accessories wouldn’t be that hard. The toughest part might be the codes for knock back resistance, etc.

Lastly, in my personal opinion, I think that if netherite accessories are added to other mini-games- they might make the mini-games less enjoyable. And that is why, I only mentioned ‘sky wars’, as I think it’s the perfect game-mode for testing new content- as it has a good and active player base (which then allows the hive team to get feedback on netherite accessories, and feedback is always needed for improving someone/something). It is also why, I mentioned ‘SKY WARS EXTREME’ as a Limited time game-mode (LTM) for feedback! :slight_smile:

Well, I agree with everything except, I feel like netherite would get added to other games because players would beg for them.

This is an idea that may or may not prove to be beneficial and make players want to play. The fact that Netherite reduces knock back is personally a feature I do think like of it, being someone who likes the Hive’s sense of kb and projectiles.

Other than that, after adding it to sw, someone may want to add it to tw and sg. Adding it to tw would be a bad idea because you would need to price it higher than diamond armour, or make a new game currency entirely. I do not like the sound of that.

Adding this to sg would just remove the entire meaning of the game. It’s literally Survival Games and Netherite armour would be to oper powered in it

Sky Wars is a fast, chaotic gamemode which is why netherite would suit it more than the other games. Then above @DallyingAura174 mentioned that there should be ancient debits ores. This would be bad because they don’t break that easily and making the debris ore mineable with an iron pickaxe sounds difficult

Also, what are you supposed to do if the mystery chest drops an enchanted netherite chest/ helmet/ boots? Just deal with it?

I agree with not adding it to other mini-games. And, I think it is better if ancient debrie ore take a few extra seconds to mine (maybe 6 or 7 with a iron pick axe), I think the hive development team would be able to code this into there server. And then, the player would have to put in EFFORT for BETTER LOOT.

And… I didn’t mention anything about the mystery chest. But looking over it, if the mystery chest dropped enchanted netherite boots/helmets, it would be too over-powered. Although, if they had enchantments like ‘freeze resistance’ or ‘poison resistence’ it could allow for some new and cool enchantments, which don’t give so much of a advantage. Unless against boom-boxes. But still, NOT such a ‘game-breaking’ enchantment.

True. But let’s see the feedback, if SKY WARS EXTREME is added. If you agree to my suggestion, it would be nice if you drop a vote :wink:

Fair enough, I always want new games.

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It’s fine, we makes mistakes- to learn for them. :slight_smile: Anyway, if you do like my suggestion, please do drop a vote. :slight_smile:

I think that Galaxite had Netherite armor in their version of BedWars, cause I remember that almost everyone I fought endgame, had Netherite, and it was tough to fight them, cause they didn’t take knockback. But i think if Hive added this, they would try to make it where there would be the same knockback as every other armor piece, but more protection than Diamond, (of course).

If it gets added in normal skywars then it would a perfect counter to nemo’s and everything should be able to get enchanted you need lapis to get the item to enchant there should be a 20 % chance for lapis dropping a enchant table and 7 lapis you need 10 lapis for Lvl 30 enchant and there is a 50% chance of gold dropping lapis giving gold a use and making netherite less op this would be so perfect cause nemo’s nowdays are toooo op

It wouldn’t provide any other protection Netherite Armor provides the same protection as Diamond Armor, but each piece has 12% more durability. Also Hive makes there games different from other servers and adding enchantment table, exc would make it be the same as any other sky wars on other servers. Also the knock back resistance would not allow combo’s which can be taken as something positive but I don’t mind getting combo-ed and combo-ing others even though I am mobile. Makes the player work harder in how to get out of the situation.

Most of this stuff is just my opinion except ‘Netherite Armor provides the same protection as Diamond Armor, but each piece has 12% more durability.’

Also welcome hope you have a great time here.

Ah yes, make Sky Wars a copy of Hypixel SW. Netherite Armour itself is annoying, you can’t combo properly due to kb resistance. Also, this suggestion isn’t even about enchants. It’s about adding netherite.