Nerfing Diamond Armor Idea

Nerf diamond armor by changing it from full diamond to 1/2 diamond (diamond helmet & chest plate and iron leggings & boots) or 3/4 diamond (diamond helmet, leggings, & boots with iron chest plate [unenchanted])

I play a lot of treasure wars, and I know how to win very easily. Rush middle, get emeralds, buy diamond armor, tank your way through all your opponents, ignore all the hate they’re giving you in the chat (ex: “you just won because you have diamond armor.” “1v1 me kid ur trash.”), and make your opponent’s life miserable. Suffice to say, I am a good person.

When I first started playing on the Hive, I sucked at Minecraft and thought the only way to win was to get lucky, so I mainly used this idiotic strategy. But I have been playing a whole lot more Minecraft instead of social interaction (because ya know, the world is in shambles). And as I played more, got better, and destroyed all my friends when they asked me to help them with PvP practice so they can get better, I began to reevaluate my strategy for winning in treasure wars.

Now what I do is go to mid, get diamond armor, and buy iron armor and wear the diamond chest plate over the iron armor. Now I look even MORE intimidating. However, other people don’t do this and, even though I combo the other players with full diamond armor into complete oblivion, 9 times out of 10 they demolish me. And then they say “ez” in the chat.

So, I shall release all my hate for full diamonds here:
I’m not a very hateful person as you may see.

So I thought of ways to destroy what I once was. My first idea was to increase the number of emeralds it costs to purchase full diamond armor, but then I realized if one person had full diamond already, it would be much harder to fight back, for it would be harder to get diamond armor.

Then I thought of recommending capping the limit on emeralds to like 2-3, but the same problem. Harder to get diamond armor to fight back against a full diamond.

This next part is all according to the Minecraft Wiki:

And me using a diamond chest plate on iron armor led me to the following idea. And it would be a pretty good nerf as well.

Full diamond armor reduces all damage taken by 80%, while full iron armor reduces it by 65%. It may not seem like a lot, but in-game it is. Going back to the beginning, making the diamond armor only give 1/2 (chest & helm are diamond, rest iron) would make the total damage reduction 72%, which is very good in terms of PvP. My second idea, making diamond armor only gives 3/4 (chest plate iron) diamond armor, would also yield the same result, 72% damage reduction.

My math may be wrong it’s 9 pm and I am sleep deprived.

Personally, I think the full diamond with an iron chest plate would be better because of the intimidation strategy, but ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

And yeah. That’s all. Alright. Gbye.

edit: this would make it more skill-based. Apparently, you did it in the past and people didn’t like it, but skill should be greater than tanking SOOOOOOO :stuck_out_tongue:
edit once more i hate emojis

edit the third: someone said in the replies that there is nothing to stop people from equipping an enchanted iron chest plate you get from buying iron armor over the unenchanted iron in my second idea at the very beginning, but it still is a nerf. An iron chest plate provides 24% damage reduction, and diamond armor reduces damage by 32%. If you give iron armor protection one, (according to the Minecraft wiki) it would provide 28% damage reduction, so I guess there’s nothing to prevent it, but still, it’s a nerf. Most people think that protection 1 iron armor is as good as diamond, but not for the chest plate. You learn something new every day.
And if it means that much, then I’d recommend if this was added they make it so instead of 28 diamonds it would be 20 again.

They did that
And people didn’t like it


oh. dangit. and I thought I had a good idea -_-

Hi! I am pretty sure this is a duplicate suggestion. Please use the search icon at the top right corner!

Also, they have fairly increased the price of diamond armour with the latest update to tw, tnt. Before it was 20 ems which was in itself difficult to get in a game. Now it’s 28 ems which is harder.

If anyone gets it easily its mostly at the end of the match and when the mid generators drop ems every 5/ 7 secs or something. Or when someone camps mid and no one else comes to mid. Most common in solos where everyone just get iron or chain and side rush.

You can flag this to close this duplicate suggestion. You can always go the original suggestion

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Bruh, it’s already extremely hard to get dia armor with how expensive it is. Though I’d be fine with this if they reduced the price back to 20.

One thing to note is that they’d have to make it so it prevents you from equipping the prot chestplate from iron armor though, or make the leggings iron instead of the chestplate.

One last thing though, don’t complain about dia armor if you’re choosing to play in a weaker state. It’s your own fault for taking it off when you get it.

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I think Diamond armor is fine

Also I don’t think I have ever gotten toxic messages in Hive(I got multiple on Mineplex)

Why? The protection works like it should now, it isn’t op anymore so the diamond chestplate is once again better. That’s what I heard at least.

This would be if the diamond chestplate was replaced with the iron chestplate

I do that for balancing; normally im fine with fighting full diamond armor, but its just the toxic players that suck

I think this should be existent, love it or not, we’ve gotten so many people buying diamond and it’s basically annoying even deal with.

Yeah but no; an iron chest plate with protection 1 is worse than a diamond one, so either way its still a nerf. And in the suggestion post, I forgot to account for the protection 1 chest plate in my calculations, so the iron armor actually has a 64% damage resistance/decrease. But man, you are very opposed to this idea.

I’m not opposed to the idea, it just needs some work and you’re choosing some of the pain you get yourself

No, It takes just 5 - 6 minutes in the game. Plus, it is too op anyway. It is stupid of how it determines if you win or not

I mean, idk about you, but I almost never run into dia armor in solos. And that’s 5-6 minutes of the mid being uncontested. If you let them be there for that long, that’s your fault.

Also, you can still always snowball them off, or use a bow.