Nerf items in the bridge + new items

My main concern with the bridge is how incredibly easy it is to win if you are somewhat decent. For example, I play on Nintendo Switch, and commonly beat PC players and also Hive Staff and even Youtubers, just because I know how to abuse the kit selections in my favor. Obviously there is no getting around playing poorly, but even when I do I still find myself winning well over half my games. I feel that this is literally due to the fact that it’s such a short, simple game, and that can be great, since sometimes when I’m short on time to play, I just play a few games of the bridge and then I get off. But there really is no need for a game to be that short. I think Hive should add more points needed to score, as well as some more nerfs/buffs to kits, as well as some new ones I’ll talk about in a sec.

Speaking of kits, I think I wouldn’t be justified to talk about this at all if it weren’t for the snowball and leap kits. I often play duos with friends, and with one of us using leap and the other using snowballs, we’re basically unstoppable. I think 8 snowballs is WAY too many, especially when you take into account the kb of snowballs as well as just the free combos. As well as snowballs, I think the leap kit should be nerfed or removed entirely, as it is the number one reason why you win or lose most games. Anybody who mains the leap kit is impossible to stop unless you use the leap kit yourself and/or learn to leap cancel, which is where you hit the opponent in some way right as they use their leap, effectively cancelling all forward momentum.

Despite these two kits being broken, there is one that is quite the opposite. I’m talking about the golden apple kit. This kit is only useful in bridge 1v1s, where PvP is more important than goals. Despite the small use of this kit, I do believe it has some merit, allowing you to tank 2 extra hits than your opponent, which could be a make or break moment in the match, especially if your opponent uses snowballs as well. Sadly, outside of this, there is no reason to pick the gapple kit outside of trolling someone. I would recommend keeping the kit, but doing one of two things:

A: Add extra effects to the gapples (speed, strength, etc.)
B: Add more gapples as well as something else inside the kit as well (idk what item it’d be but something from CTF could be cool)

I hope my ideas are helpful and I can continue to add more ideas to the community in the future.

For your first point, I personally think the pace of the game is fine right now. It makes it more convenient and quicker to play unlike any other Hive gamemode. Its better left that way is all im saying.

You just counteracted your own point about the leap kit being impossible to stop lmao. Also its only one use per round so its not entirely “impossible” to stop someone from scoring if someone uses a leap just once.

I would say the point about the gapple is the one I mostly agree with. Right now I don’t really use it or care about it at all but the gapple kit should have an upgrade so it can have more significance and use other than the leap and snowball kit.


Hey! Thanks for the comment, I literally just noticed that point about the leap kit lmao thanks for pointing that out. I do get that it is only once per round but it saves like 2-3 seconds on average compared to someone without a leap kit.

speed on gapples is a brilliant idea, voted!


Please remember to vote when saying “voted”.

Also @Phantom244475, you can vote for your own post :wink: :+1:


That’s what makes it fun for me. :pleading_face:

This is another reason why bridge is currently my favorite game.

Fair enough, this probably should be fixed.

I kinda understand this but I also like how broken it is. You also listed ways to counter it, meaning it is possible.



I hope you continue to share your ideas too! I may disagree with some of the things you said but I don’t mean to discourage you from making future posts. Everybody plays different games in different ways so we sometimes disagree on what would make those games better. :smile:


Just now coming back to this because I’m bored right now :sweat_smile:, I do agree now that something from CTF could be a little annoying/broken, so maybe there could be an autobridger included in the kit or maybe a new one could be added with an autobridger, this could be useful for new players who don’t know how to jumpbridge.


Not to mention in addition to this post I just made, it could be a 32 block autobridger (I think) due to map sizes being pretty well made, and this could also be used to autobridge trap (also known as “woodpeckering”) which could make for a pretty cool clip.

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