Nerf fire traps

Now, remember when fire traps were useless? Well, a couple of months ago they got buffed majorly. They kill you instantly, but still set you on fire, so you die a second time. IMO, this should be changed, as I think no trap should be able to kill you multiple times. Keep the instant kill, remove the second kill.
What do you guys think?

Totally agree with you, because it adds deaths to my statistics xd.
But this trap is still very annoying.

I also wanted to add that the Jaws trap is useless, because it only kills you if you are at the top of a jaw 1 second after the activation…
I think it should be 0,5s or 0,75s.


While we’re at it can we remove deaths? run > deathrun

im serious

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I mean, we’ll be able to do that with swarms & private games