[Name] unfriended you

So if someone unfriends you it doesnt show that they unfriended you so add a feature if someone unfriends you it says “[Name] unfriended you

this will be helpful if someone unfriends me


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idk if they already have a feature like this

They Might Just Not Want To Be Friends Anymore ?

This feature isn’t needed. Just move on and you’ll find a better one.



What if we unfriend a sweaty person who is really good they’ll obviously feel bad so i won’t vote sorry

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I think this would be great. You got my vote!

This is a unique idea, but there is one reason it wouldn’t be good to add this to Hive.

Let’s say one day I logged onto hive and @ELLmatt2005 kept flooding my chat with constant party invites, and I got really annoyed and decided to unfriend him. If he was spamming party invites, what’s gonna stop him from spamming my forum or discord dm’s with stuff too?

I can really just seeing this suggestion causing problems if implemented, especially for the younger hive audience. This could straight up ruin irl friendships and cause cyber bulling.

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