My opinion on the new patch

Keep the iron armor change its actually so good

As for gapples the cap should be removed or extended(ik this is duped but the situation is changed) 5 made sense before as barely anyone bought them anyway, but now thats its WAY more convenient the stock should be changed to 20 or something, or removed completely

I feel like iron armour is too easily attainable now. Personally, I think they should make it 20 diamonds for iron but that’s just my opinion.


What was thé latest patch?

I disagree first off I literally see barely anyone get it so it doesnt even matter second before this update the meta was “get chain and pray to god no one gets diamond or you are fricked” now its “Get chain get iron if you feel like it no ones gonna bother to get diamond dont worry”

it feels really balanced

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I liked the dia armor meta, it was fun racing to ems, or figuring out how to beat someone who was going to get dia back to their base. Imo, nerfing dia this much practically removes it, which would make solos become nothing but siderushing, as who cares about ems other than some minor upgrades rn?

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Hey! Great suggestions!
I want to request you to move this topic from #suggestions to #suggestions:treasure-wars just to keep all the suggestions under one tag :slight_smile:

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