My final (I think) meh voters suggestion

People who only vote “meh” in justbuild are very annoying, so I have another idea on how to fix this

The idea is simple, if someone votes “meh” on every single build, they get a ten minute ban. (There will be an explanation on the ban screen)

Now I know what some of you are thinking “what if all builds are bad”. Now if you say that, I don’t think you realize how crazy unlikely for that to happen is.

I know this can be countered by voting “ok” on one build and “meh” on the rest… but it’s better than nothing.

Also something to mention is that if you get a temp ban for that reason, you do not get any exp and your build can’t win because it was at an unfair advantage.

This should be the last “meh spammers” suggestion by me (at least for awhile)

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I think a ten minute ban is too much… how about a less severe punishment?

Like what exactly? 5 minute ban? It needs to be bad enogh where they learn their lesson though.

in the future, please edit your original thread, I mean theres nothing really saying you have to make new topics, but its just really annoying to see like 4 different threads from the same person about a single issue.

anyways, this is quite a useless thing as it can easily be avoided and the punishment is arguably too much, but is too long to actually stop them from doing anything, as they miss less than 1 game of jb.

Also, let me give you a simple math lesson. The person on the left is spamming meh, and the one on the right is voting fairly(meh is one point, ok is 2 iirc, and 4 is great iirc).
1+2 = 3
1+4 = 5
The meh spammer didn’t change the outcome at all, and really just lowered the total points when compared to a game with 2 fair voters. Points may impact xp, but not by too much.

The bigger issue is with people who spam meh on most builds, and then on the ones that are clearly a troll they use the 5 point vote. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this before, and it significantly contributed to some inappropriate builds winning.


Hello there :wave: there is many things wrong with your response so Im just going to do a quick run through of them all

This is a complete lie because of 2 things

  1. they get less xp
  2. It makes their builds more likely to win

Also sure. all of my post are trying to solve the same problem but all of them are different

But the thing is, are they really smart enough to avoid it? Plus, Its better than nothing (think of what most people think of HIVE’s current anti-cheat for an example)

First of all, did you even read the post above this?

And second of all. Gamers are impatient and will want to avoid waiting at all costs

Also, next time please try and sound a bit nicer :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:, maybe you didn’t mean to sound rude, but you did :+1:

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He didnt sound rude at all.


It was just someone of the wording he used

(Im not saying it was because of the negative feedback)

Do you really expect someone that spams meh to actually make a decent build, and if you saw them(you said in other posts that you looked for meh spammers after voting), you could just give them a meh when they don’t have a voting option in their hand, and then it would cancel out.

I acknowledged that, it just doesn’t affect it by much.

ik that they are different, but it would be better to make a single thread and just make large edits as time passes.

yes. easily. its the type of thing that some youtuber would put in a Hive fun facts video, and those are the exact type of people that would watch that video, and copy that. iirc there is some issue with that type of video and a tree exploit in sg.


and they will just alt if its too long to wait out. maybe a five minute ban would be better ig, its enough to make them annoyed, but 2 minutes are gone by the time you switch to an alt, making alting nearly useless.

meant to say too short but whatever

I genuinely use this same wording in nearly every single one of my forum posts, and I rarely hear that I am being rude lol. I mean in this case I am fairly annoyed as you made 4 threads, which is completely unnecessary, and could be done in just one.

thanks fishking


I don’t play much Just Build but while this is a solution, it seems like one that may be more trouble than it’s worth. The issue here seems to be that ‘meh’ spammers are annoying and will reduce overall xp gained. Pretty minor issues in the grand scheme of things but fair enough that you’d want us to circumvent it.

However, banning people at all for this seems a little too harsh or unnecessary, in my opinion. Especially for those cases where users genuinely just think each build warrants a ‘meh’ vote. Rare, yes, but it does happen so we need to account for that. You’ve also already pointed out yourself that players would be able to easily avoid this by throwing in a different vote every now and then.

Even if we did add a system to prevent spamming the same vote, it would be a good amount of work for very little payoff. The best solution I can think of here (just my thoughts, not that of the Hive Team) is just adding a message preventing the user from doing the same vote x amount of times in a row. So you vote ‘meh’ x amount of times, and the game stops you if you try to do it again, warning you.

That said, I don’t feel this is a problem we can easily fix outside of just ignoring these users or reporting them if you feel they’re getting particularly out of hand.

In terms of creating new topics, though, it’s definitely always a better idea to edit an existing thread than make a new one :slight_smile: The idea of suggestion topics is giving people the chance to discuss ideas with you and come up with different thoughts. From that, you can build upon your topic and decide as a community what the best suggestion might be. It’s difficult to do that if you’re making multiple threads, so always best to edit the one you have - That way, we can also see the thought process and evolution of the idea.

Aaaaand as a final note, I know we’re not trying to argue here but let’s try to keep things civil :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: You can flag a user if you feel they’re arguing or being rude.


I never said they would, but it makes their bad build more likely to have an unfair win

With many meh voters, it adds up very quickly

The HIVE has stated many times that they only want one suggestion per post, so really Im just following the rules in my eyes

Most people who play Justbuild are noobs because Justbuild has way to many flaws. (unlike sg)

Sure I edited it but it has the same point

Most people don’t have an alt, especially noobs

Like I said earleir “The HIVE has stated many times that they only want one suggestion per post, so really Im just following the rules in my eyes” (Now I know Hlzyzptlk agrees with you but Im still following what they said. plus, with large and many edits, some people might feel scamed for changing the idea to much and needs to remove their vote)

EDIT: I will respond to Hlzyzptlk’s points, but I do need a break for now

Banning for 10 minutes seems a little aggressive lol


Aren’t innapropriate builds a bigger problem?
All of my younger cousins play just build.and they might come across one


I completely agree with you, Splodger said that they were updating just build moderation