Murder Mystery zapper/bow sometimes doesn’t shoot

Recently, I started playing Murder Mystery and discovered a glaring issue: bows sometimes retract when I shoot. This happens occasionally, however it can affect the outcome of games. I’m currently playing on EU with version 1.20.62, the most recent version of Minecraft on Windows 10, so the version may be the factor. Server ping should not a factor as I receive around 25 to 35 ping on average.

I truly believe that this problem needs to be resolved, as not only does this place me mostly at a disadvantage, but it has also caused me to lose several games.
I have also attempted to recreate this bug on custom servers and public servers, but was unsuccessful, which means that this problem only occurs at random.

Video link:

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Hey there :wave:

Thank you for taking the time to report this issue. It is caused by switching to the bow too quickly, it can be resolved by keeping the bow in your hand a little longer before you shoot. This has already been logged and you can look forward to fix in a future update.

Stay safe and well