Murder Mystery Small Update

Murder Mystery Update

Hi, i am a fellow murder mystery addict, i am finding the game pretty boring now since there is no new cool stuff being added, so typically i should suggest some cool thing that should be added.

1: Death effects.
Just like in hive skywars, when you get killed/kill someone, there will be a particle effect that pops up after you do, this can range from levels.

2: New Maps
I have been finding this game very boring, infact i watch youtube videos while playing murder mystery, but by adding new maps, this will change my attention span of a goldfish being drowned in the toilet, adding new maps can make the game fun, if you want then also add a map suggestion following this activity where people suggest their maps.

3: More Map Interactables
Like in office map, there is a vending machine interactable, but there is some coffee entities that are laying around the center of the office map, they should be interactable and cost some coins, this shoukd be done to every map for an even better experience.

Thank you for reading my suggestion,

Great idea I love it voted

The new maps should be ant town & space station
Just like in my post: Murder Mystery more roles

First of all they just gave 3 big new maps last year second of all always just try to have fun , role playing, gathering most coins , trying to kill the murderer, etc and third of all you really shouldn’t show your name :beedance:


You can if you want like HAZARD showed their name which was maybe Matthew?? And i think smiley did his i think which was Max??

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