Murder Mystery New Game Modes

Murder Mystery hasn’t been updated in a long time and it does need a big update. I’m going to split my ideas to multiple posts most likely so my first post is for more game modes. Murder Mystery could definitely use some game modes. Here were my ideas:

  • Murder Mystery Duos: Some game modes don’t fit to have a duos type mode and Murder Mystery is debatable. In Duos, there would be 2 murders, 2 sheriffs and the rest would be innocents. The one shot bows will still exist but in Murder Mystery entirely they should be updated like having some kind of interactable or station to refill for about 10 coins. Duos would be very fun especially if you’re in a party with a friend and you both get murder or sheriff.

  • Infection: This game mode would be pretty unique. Same as a regular solos game but when the Murder kills someone, the person they kill would also become a murder too. The Murder would win if they infect everyone and take down the sheriff too.

  • Bounty: The game mode would also be unique and I got the idea from Kings. This mode will have some kind of Hunter and the hunter can only kill people they have to hunt and track down. It would be an interesting concept as well.

If I make more posts about other updates they should make, if its possible I’ll link this one in the same post and the other posts here too.


Nice ideas, but infection is already kinda am existing game mode with ghost invasion. Obviously they have some differences, but the core idea of killing someone to convert them to your team so they kill others remains the same

These are good ideas but infection already exists as ghost invasion
And the duos can be made in custom servers mostly

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Well murder mystery and ghost invanison are two completely different game modes…

Love the ideas! I especially love the Infection gamemode. I can see how that would be added but I don’t think the Duos idea would since it can be easily created in a custom server. :beedance:


I’m usually wary of the concept of new mm game modes, but these specific ones sound pretty cool! I think there should for sure be a version with 2 murderers, though I think the player limit should be at least 2x larger.

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so, turn murder mystery into hypixel’s. like the idea

again ghost invasion is different than murder mystery and who uses murder mystery duos cs?

what is hypixel’s like? I don’t remember it much

It has infection, double murderer and sheriff, and assassin where your given a target (like bounty) so exactly like hypixel

Also people who want to play mm duos use cs I guess idk

And while ghost invasion and mm are very different, infection can be a game in its own right (i.e. ghost invasion) so it would make ghost invasion less special by comparison and a server should only have 1 infection mode, unless it’s hypixel but they have like 100 games so that’s different

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