Murder Mystery Map Development Suggestions

Increase the number of playable maps in Murder Mystery

More info:
The Murder Mystery game mode definitely needs some re-vamping, especially in terms of the playable maps available.

Firstly, if new maps were to be implemented, they would need to suit the ideal pay-style of the game. A larger map can be incorporated to hold a 32-player match, with two murderers. A smaller, much more difficult map of 8 players can be introduced, with the other 7 players all being sheriffs. There needs to be a wider variety of maps that change the idea of the game. Here are a few suggestions of themes of maps for the Murder Mystery game mode:

  • Train Station (A generic station which features multiple storeys and trains that players can move in and out of)
  • Shopping Centre (A large mall area with several storefronts and moving escalators)
  • Big Cheese (A map where players are inside the holes of a block of cheddar cheese, running through the gaps and holes)
  • H.E.Double Hockey Sticks (a map resembling the deep depths of the nether, where players have the potential to fall into the lava and cause their own deaths, and;
  • Mountain (an outdoor map where players can run up and around large mountain focussed in the middle of the map)

I hope you guys liked these suggestions, if you had any of your own, please don’t be shy to share them!


You go build for them across all their game selections and then understand why they don’t have as many. :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t understand your comment. Are you in support of this? sorry ahah

No, I’m sure that what they meant was that MM maps take a while to make. Like, probably a really long time.

I feel like we’re okay with the maps we have now.

I agree that there should be different variants (like 32 players) but that costs more money and I don’t think mountain would work as its hard to move around on unlike all the other maps which are flat for the most part. Tbh I really like the shopping mall idea tho :slight_smile: