Murder Mystery LTM Sonic Map

Because the Hive has been releasing a couple (2) sonic based maps based on areas located in Sonic Party Games, I think the Hive should add a sonic map for murder mystery. In both base games, you collect coins and there’s a villain person.
so yeah

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You do realize the maps were edited and are being reused for a limited time

So which map would be reused for murder mystery

Not counting Find Chao, or the Go Fast maps
RLGL can’t be used since it too short
Badnik range can’t be used because it too small

Ring Royale And Ring dash is way too big


I was thinking a part of the sonic hub (there are caves, platform scaffold things, etc.)
But the maps are modified to fit their gamemodes, so maybe Badnik Range but you’re on the area where the badniks spawn(and maybe there are tunnels behind the door things)

To make it more sonic like, I would like to suggest these:


Egg man

I know this might be over stepping it a bit, but the sheriff could be mail bot because he was the one that “saved” us during the sonic live event by helping us kill egg man!

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Then what maps are being edited, because you just sat there and listed all of the games in sonic party games…

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Both maps were precious used for Go Fast and Find chao and were now edited and reused for treasure wars

green hill hub wouldn’t really be a good map for MM
Most likely for SG
But definitely not MM

It gonna feel very small and hard to move around then, so definitely not

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I don’t know how the Eggman and Mailbot thing could be added (because it’s still murder mystery and everyone is a player lol) but I like ur ideas :slight_smile:

Yeah, I see what you’re saying. Thanks for explaining

I love this idea but I just want Village back fr

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Good idea. I don’t know how it will look like tho

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