Murder Mystery Kick AI

So in murder mystery. There are players that are bad at the game and some who are teaming. so this idea is to KICK THE MURDERER if they dont kill 1 player in 2 Minutes.

Out of all the games in murder mystery LITTERALY THE LEVEL 1 PLAYER GETS PICKED AS THE MURDERER.
So if they dont kill atleast 1 people in 2 minutes they get kicked.


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this isn’t that good of an idea.

what if you said the murderer was like a level 1 player what if that player was still figuring out the game and being a murderer. or if the player was having some connection issues or some other kind of issues were it’s hard to kill or find players. also i think this could be a strat but idk

but i see where you are coming from, it is a bit annoying when this happens, but just let it go and play out the game

I’d love this, as it would make the game a lot better imo

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I totally agree that this should be implemented, though maybe not for the same reason. I don’t think that skill has anything to do with this. Whether you are new to the game or experienced, there should at least be some reminder in game that you will lose if you don’t kill anyone. I think that the kick AI is a great solution, as 2 minutes is waayy more than enough time to kill at least one person. So many games that I join are filled with passive murderers, and after a while it gets pretty annoying. Yeah regardless of their solution, I hope they find something to fix this.

I personally don’t really see where it would be good to kick/punish players that are ‘bad at the game’. You can’t really expect everyone joining the server to be a pro at the game, especially as you are referring to low level players in your main post. ^^ You wouldn’t punish a bad death in DeathRun for not killing anyone either, nor would you punish someone for being bad in any other of our game modes. :sweat_smile: :thinking:

If the game is too slow for you, you can always requeue to find another game, but there is no need to punish the murderer in my opinion. <3

After one minute of not killing anyone, a gold Eliminate all other players! text will appear on your screen to remind you of this. :blobheart:

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I almost forgot about that lol. The point being, (I’m sure you know if you play mm regularly), that reminder doesn’t work. Nearly every game the murderer doesn’t kill, or at least does it very sparsely until the game ends by time.

It will be unwelcoming especially hive is filled with children that might be still less than 10 years old. Just a simple /q murder will potentially saves your time from getting wasted.

Our point here is that /q during a game should not be necessary. It also counts as a loss, so I personally would wait the 5 minutes that is being wasted.

I’m kind of confused by this statement but overall if you like not skipping a game it’s fine to me atleast.

What I meant is that murder mystery rounds shouldn’t be taking up the full 5 minutes, and honestly the murderer should have murdered at least one person within the first 30 seconds or so. A kick ai isn’t the only good solution, but mm desperately needs a way to decrease the amount of passive murderers.