Murder Mystery Improvement Idea

A shop system to be implemented into some (or all) Murder Mystery maps.

More info:
The coin system in Murder Mystery is relatively pointless other than the few bonuses in effects on some maps and the one-shot bow for innocents. I have a few suggestions on a good use for coins so that it will encourage more players to collect coins, rather than mindlessly run around the map.

A shop board can be placed in the map to allow players to purchase useful items in exchange for coins they have collected throughout the game, varying in prices and usefulness. A list of items I will suggest will include:

  • Ender Pearls or Teleporter Arrow (teleports you quickly to another part of the map)
  • ‘Glow Shoes’ (allows the player to see the outline of all players for a limited time, even behind walls, like spectral arrows)
  • ‘Revival Herb’ (An item that when held upon death will automatically teleport you to a random location within the map, however the death will be accounted for in player statistics)
  • Arrow shot (player will receive a bow and one arrow to have the opportunity to shoot a suspect. This feature would rid the one-shot bow already in use when a player collects 10 coins)

A few items that only the murderer may have access to could be:

  • ‘Myopia Blast’ (An explosive powder sprinkled onto the murderer’s sword that erupts when a player is killed, giving blindness to any nearby innocents or sheriffs)
  • ‘Switcheroo’ (An item that temporarily gives a random player a fake sword that they cannot hide for a limited time)
  • ‘Death Nest’ (A trap that can be placed that will kill any player who runs over it, including the murderer.

I hope you all like these ideas. Let me know what you think. I will also be putting towards several other ideas to help improve the Murder Mystery game mode. Thank you very much!


I really like this idea however some aspects aren’t that usful for example Glow Shoe should be give to the seeker instead and only last 5 seconds or less. Love this idea and it would make the games more different every time. I don’t really think the death nest would work but that is just my opinion, I can tell you put a lot of thought into it.

Don’t forget to vote on your own suggestion.

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Hmm, there are some things I like such as “Death Nest”. However…

Since Bedrock doesn’t have any spectral arrows or anything that outlines another thing, this sadly can’t be done. Unless they work around it.

The one shot bow, for now at least, is good. I mean, the idea and the one-shot bow implemented in the game already are both the same so they serve the same purpose from what I can see.

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Revival herb wouldn’t be that great as if u use it u would have seen the murderer meaning people would say in chat making it almost impossible for the murderer. The aim of the murderer is to kill everyone without the innocents working out who the murderer is

Also with the switcheroo people would be confused. The real murderer could hold out his sword and people wouldn’t know to shoot him or not. Basically the only way of knowing who is murderer is by there sword but if it could be a false murderer then players would always be dying shooting the wrong player. On the most hand I rly like this idea and can tell you put thought into it. I really think a murder mystery update is needed. +1 vote

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