Murder Mystery - Fairy Garden Map Bug

Mode: Murder Mystery
Map: Fairy Garden
Region: NA

Receiving 5 coins from the mailboxes in Fairy Garden. While I was playing, I opened 2 mailboxes, giving me 10 coins as an Innocent. However, I did not receive a One-Shot Bow in exchange of having 10 coins. I had to manually find the 10 coins in order to receive the bow instead.

Windows 10 Edition. Version

The image shows me searching these mailboxes, receiving my 10 total coins, but not receiving my One-Shot Bow until later on in the game.

Hey there,

Thanks for submitting a bug report.

This is actually intentional behavior. It was decided that allowing innocent players to get a bow with coins from mailboxes would be unbalanced. The coins can be used for other things though!

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