Mr. Popular Hub Title

Mr. Popular Hub Title

You can unlock this Hub Title by having the max amount of friends on the Hive.

On paper this seems like a good idea…


You never know what someone will do to achieve this. People will just spam invites to people they meet in a random hub, making it annoying and not legitimate.


The Hive could put a cool down on sending friend requests to stop this. But in the end it’s just a hub title

That won’t fix the problem. As soon as the cooldown ends, people will keep on spamming friend requests.

A hub title which people will brag about and showcase, when in actuality they just spammed friend invites.


How about if it was in hive ++ witch we all know it’s not gonna happen

Would be cool if it was a ++ thing

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or it could just go to fowben


Hive doesn’t really like doing exclusive stuff for one person

So that wouldn’t work out

Hive ++ hub tittle

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i was just about to say that LOL