Mount Racing hub game

a Mount racing hub game where you can race on mounts around a track with obstacles. The mounts won’t fly to make it fair

I am not sure if mounts will be needed or not if this gets added. also there will need to be 2-6 players to begin

kind of cool but again its basically pay to play unless they let you get it for the race only

I was thinking on it having a race car mount thats free only in the gamemode and you can use mounts you bought. Also if it were a regular game instead of a hub game if you max you can use the race car in the hub but it won’t fly so there’s a reason to get a mount

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I kinda suggested this by saying mounts could be used in my racing hub game here

Thanks for telling me so what should I do with this topic

If you want to delete I think you can just flag it and ask for a mod to delete it

Ok thanks for telling me

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