Mount Concept Idea #1 - Duck Mount

Hello! This is my first Mount concept!
Consider voting, I spent a while making this!

Anyways, here it is!
Cool Duck CA

I would make more variants but, well, I’m lazy ok?!

Feel free to comment hub title ideas and avatar concepts as well!

My first title idea was:
i am yellow bird quack

i am (:white_circle:) yellow (:yellow_circle:) bird (:white_circle:) QUACK (:blue_square: CYAN, not blue)

This was based of the Summer Skeleton Costume from June(?) 2022 QM!

One word Quack

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To me it kinda looks overdecorated in some parts but this is good nonetheless so im voting :ballot_box:

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Yeah, I love overadding fuzz…


insert quack