Mossy Stone Custom Block Bug 🦆


This is a bug report in relation to my older bug report, Treasure Wars mossy stone block bug.

This bug was ‘patched’ in Treasure Wars, by changing out the blocks in someway or another is my guess, but I could very well be wrong. I think it’d be best to go to the source of the bug rather, seeing how this is happening on various maps (and possibly games). Although, I’m not too sure how difficult it’d be, knowing as it’s more client side.

I’ve seen this as a bug report that got cased as duplicate, and being linked to my Treasure Wars bug report. It was about the mossy stone custom block bug happening on the Hide & Seek map, Hospital. That being said, I haven’t checked to see if the issue on the Hospital map is still present.

Here are some details I did, or didn’t included in the Treasure Wars mossy stone block bug bug report:

  • To reproduce this bug, you have to right click the bugged blocks.
  • I’ve (so far) only seen this happen with double smooth stone, and sandstone slabs.
  • I’ve not went out and tested other games/maps, but Town Square in Hide & Seek has this bug.

I’ve attached a video on this bug in Hide & Seek.

^ Credit to the random GOOSE standing in hub for unknowingly being in the thumbnail.
I almost got them mixed up with a duck, I apologize Splodger… :duck::swan:

This isn’t really an inconvenience, it’s just a matter of the game being more polished, and shouldn’t be very high priority.

I’ll attempt to update this post in some way if time comes to it, and I find another game/map with the bug. :smile:

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As you correctly stated, this issue has been fixed in Treausure Wars, as well as Just Build. The issue will be fixed in Hide and Seek (and all other affected games) whenever we next update the game to include the fix.

To save you effort, additional reports are not necessary; we have fixed the issue that causes this problem, it’s just a case of it needing to be rolled out to each individual game, and this will happen in due course.