Morpher kit

Wow mystery suggestion spamming?
No, I just have ideas lol

This kit would work like this:

  • Spawn with a random kit
  • Killing someone will give you their kit upon death, so you switch kits every kill (unless you kill 2 people with the same kit)
  • Your kit will show as “Morpher” until you kill someone, as it will change to whatever kit you absorb from a dead player
  • Morphers also receive a book of 5-second invisibility, which can only be used before a kill

Kit stealing would work like this:

  • You would get the items gained from the kit you absorb upon kill
  • After getting another kill, you lose the items from the previous kit and get the new items

I don’t think this is too overpowered or anything as well, but if it is it’s also very nerfable


This seems good and might be cool to see. But would you be able to morph into another kit when you already morphed to one first?

Because that’s how the kit works, it would be kind of lame if you just morphed to one kit and stayed there

Ok you got my vote!

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Actually I really like this idea
as well as adding variety to the game it’ll make kits Skywars more interesting.


What would happen if a morpher killed another morpher?

It will probably just stay as Morpher xd

Nice suggestion but

What if the person you killed had used their kit ability? Like the invis book (or does that respawn idk lol)

It would be like getting the kit when you spawn in, the default items you start with

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