More treasure wars spawn protection


Treasure wars needs to give you more spawn protection, so if someone breaks your bed you at least have time to arm yourself

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If they aren’t going to give you a sword straight off, you need time to buy a sword or get one out of your ender chest

I personally don’t think you should extend spawn protection



And this would ruin the game in my opinion.


This would just increase the number of little cowards who run away as soon as they respawn


I think the Treasure wars spawn protection is fine as it is if not too long :mailbot:


Why are people saying its a bad idea and giving no justification…

this basically wouldn’t give the attacker a chance.

the attacker won the initial trade meaning they’re usually better. giving the loser an advantage doesn’t make sense lol.

if you’re fast enough you can buy a sword within the spawnprot time anyways.
if you’re smart then just have a sword in your chest


What if you die to something else and someone just happens to have broken your bed. Not exactly just because they are ‘better’. It would just mean losing your treasure doesnt mean you have instantly lost the game if you are at your island


Ten chars

you said that already

like i said, there’s enough time to run, buy a sword, or grab one

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Depends on the map
last time I played this exact thing happened and the generators were too far away, even though i ran directly there and back

Even if the gen was too far away, the chests are usually close to spawn. Like most people do, putting a sword/weapon in the chest will do just fine

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5 seconds is good enough to pick some swords and loot. If they increased it who knows how many runners try to make treasure wars a manhunt game.


Everyone does,

don’t place the blame on mobile players :neutral_face:

alright changed it