More level in Treasure wars!

More lvls in treasure wars

[Treasure Wars in The Hive is the most popular minigame! And lvl 75 is low in that…so better make it lvl 100]

More information:

[Reduce Murder Mystery to lvl 50!]

Please don’t, this really isn’t needed and it’s already a pain to get.


to add on its a duplicate post, plus why would u want more levels in Treasure Wars but lower the levels to lvl 50 in Murderer Mystery? I just dont get it. Grinding to lvl 75 is harder then grinding to lvl 50 in MM. Tbh I dont want any more lvls in TW or any other gamemodes for a while so I can finish grinding every game to max lvl before having to grind again. Also Treasure Wars just got a content update last year April and another game update a couple months later. I feel that TW already have enough updates and that other games like hide and seek should get more attention as well as new games and upcoming features such as swarms.