More Hive+ Perks to Add

Hive+ is a really worth it kind of rank to buy, it doubles XP in minigames, it gives you a green name, you can support the creators and it’s lifetime. Really worth the 10$. But I think that there should be more that could be added to it like a VIP Lounge where players can hangout with a exclusive area just for Hive+ members and maybe like an option to have some pets for free whenever they’ll add them in the future, but that doesn’t mean that pets are for + members only.

Even though I do agree with adding more to the rank, I think making a vip lounge or something like that would be kinda low class. I think with pets it could have like a bee or something?


Yes but you need for “weird people” to update to 1.14 to have bees

They’re going to have to do that anyways eventually

How about a Hive+ only hub where you can fly? The hub parkour reward bots should also be removed there.

The command to join the hive+ hub should be /hub +

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