More events

More populate events

I was mostly. Thinking since a lot has happend and things that popped are into would like to see so on Fhe hive like maybe a anime event of some sort or a game
Like Bendy or Fnaf

[Include any other information that you think is relevant here]

I am sure the hive has more events planned in the future, but the Hive also has to get permission so there is no copyright

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I would love more events! They are fun and like the last one you got a souvenir (Tails Costume) along with it. But just as @HudsonDog59 said, besides programming they are not an easy thing to do.
Larger companies may not accept deals with PlayHive.

Hopefully other game studios planning to partner with Minecraft have also seen what amazing things The Hive can do on their server like the Sonic event. I personally am hoping for a Crash Bandicoot event. :smiley:

Hey there! More events are definitely planned for the future! As others have mentioned copyright always is something that has to be watched. Personally I don’t think that Fnaf or Bendy would come to the Hive because they are more horror type games. The Hive wouldn’t want to scare some of the younger players. We will just have to wait and see what other events will come in the future though!