Monthly Contests

I’d really like there to be more contests for the hive community so that we could all have fun and possibly earn prizes.

By contests I hope that it isn’t ones where you have to be in the leaderboard since there are a lot of reasons on why that could be unfair.

Ideas for contests:
-Costume Ideas
-Winning Phrases (I know it’s been done but if they’ll do it again, i wish it wouldn’t be discontinued)
-New Game Proposals w/ specific details

I suggested this a while back and I think it’ll be best if it’s just a hub title for reward but how would this work? Who would be able to get into a contest? And I would like to know why choosing people from the leaderboard is unfair.

Its not “unfair” to choose off the leaderboard, but if they were to do a Monthly contest it would be a bit odd if it were a bunch of guys who don’t have alot of skill but play alot, so anyone should be able to enter

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Well it’s up to the people who own the hive on how they want to conduct the contests but I would like it if the contests were held in either discord or here in the forum (just like where giveaways are held). So I prefer the people who have discord and a hive forum account to join since most of them are mature enough and easy to contact.

Also the reasons on why I think contests shouldn’t be like the monthly leaderboards we have is because of the following:

-different platforms
-not everyone is free during a specific time
-people could cheat by having alt accounts
-could be very time consuming
-i could be wrong but it might be chaotic imo


I feel like hive has a quite strong discord community and would be able to different 1 time events, its impossible to make everyone available, but they could do tournaments
(say 4 rounds, top 2 of each Qf go through to semis ect ect)
they would be able to regulate hackers so its fair
and it would be able to be done in timezones so the availability is more likely

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No one on the leaderboard hacks they would be reported before they even be on it.

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A few guys use autoclickers I’m pretty sure, I’ve seen a couple lb hackers

I sure if you win this many games you would be reported if you cheated

Eh, I almost got tricked into being in a party with a hacker and then that hacker got reported.

I fully think it would be possible to never run into a discord guy since hive discord players make up like 0.3 percent of the playerbase

Some hackers have made the lb and got banned, but I still think if you were to use a autoclicker on lowish settings you could get away scot free

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