Modifications to the message that pops-up when a friend logs in or out the server

Changing the message that pops-up when a friend joins the server: Modification

Hold on, why?

It can be confusing to some new players who add their first-ever friend or players that are generally new to the server’s friending system and how it notifies you when a friend of yours logs in or out the server.

Situations that I've seen myself and other new players getting confused

When I was new to the server way back last-year a very cool player opted to help me find all the Easter Eggs during the 2020 Egg Hunt, we became friends after, the player had sent me a friend request, a few moments after I accepted the request, I got confused as to why a message saying | Friends | x TheVeryCoolPlayer” had pop-up, there I was, confused, having thought that the very cool player removed me as their friend.

The same had happened to my real-life friends who were also new to the server, I logged out to fix a glitch that had occurred, and they got confused as to why I “removed” them from my in-game friends list when in reality I just… logged out.

Changes proposed

Current message:

| Friends | x Paopawo

| Friends | + Paopawo

Proposed/Modified version:

Proposed/Modified version:

These are the messages I propose to modify to avoid confusing some players who are generally new to the server or the friending system.

Log out:
| Friends | x Your friend Paopawo logged-out from the server.

| Friends | + Your friend Paopawo logged-in on the server.

Anything along those lines really

Let me know your thoughts and opinions on this suggestion.
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You can already do it I believe


Oops, might edit the thread soon, may I ask where can I find this option? Thanks!

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Thanks for letting me know, didn’t know it was a thing! Editing the thread now, hehe.

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Boo took the words out of my mouth haha :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:




I think you watch that a lot
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Tiny bump, but I feel like the modified message would be too long if you have many friends or if many of your friends change regions.

Imo it would be better if they used custom ui in the chat with a clear symbol so you can’t confuse between a friend disconnecting and a friend removing you.

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